Career Options Service

We believe it really is possible for you to find a career that suits your interests, personality and the things you like doing! Why settle for less? We already spend a large percentage of our time in the workplace so wouldn’t it be nice to happy while we are there? Many people are caught in jobs that are not helping them to utilise their natural skills and abilities.

Your choice of career is one of the most important choices in your life and has a huge impact on your happiness, personal growth and well-being.

Our online Career Suitability Questionnaire is based on over 25 years of experience in career testing technology and job success research.

However, we won’t just hand you a report – we compliment our services with a 1-1 feedback session and talk you through your reports in detail which will help you identify your preferences based on your likes and dislikes.

Career Options Service Includes the Following:

Access to our Online Assessment (approx. 25 minutes to complete prior to appointment)

Comprehensive one-to-one consultation with Brenda to explore your career opportunities (allow up to 1.5 hours for this consultation)

Career Development Report – a report that helps you seek employment that makes best use of their strongest areas as this will increase their work satisfaction and likelihood of success

Career Options report – detailing the top careers that are best suited to you in terms of key strengths, career needs, likes, dislikes, task preference, work preference, interpersonal skills and many more

Career Enjoyment Analysis reports (included in price) – throughout our discussion above we will explore various careers on the Career Options report. The client will then begin to choose those careers which are of interest to them and I will then run a Career Enjoyment Analysis on each of those careers which will place them into that role and highlight strengths, areas for development or possible derailers in each of those chosen careers. This helps people to really focus on the roles that are aligned to them and their potential

Key Strengths Report (included in price) – just some nice information which helps to realise your key strengths in a number of areas.

FEE: €225.00

If you require any further information please contact Brenda on 071 9130742 / 086 3825778