Employee Engagement Solutions

The Business Problem

Organisations are continually challenged to identify ways to increase employee engagement. While changes in benefits, rewards and compensation are often considered the best solution, engagement results seldom reflect significant improvement. Thus, the problem persists and organisations are not achieving their potential for enhanced engagement. Isn’t it time you started listening to your employees as individuals rather than a collective?

The Solution? ………Engagement is a Shared Responsibility

Now you can measure intrinsic behavioural factors that drive individual engagement —– employee motivators and attitudes!

  • Identify gaps between employee expectations and motivators
  • Facilitate the essential dialog between employee and manager
  • Foster a shared responsibility for engagement
  • Create a culture of engagement

Through the use of our Harrison Assessment, we provide you with actionable data, based on employee expectations and motivators, to help you plan and align effective strategies that will motivate employees at individual, group and organisation levels. Our assessment results cover 8 key areas for Engaging and Retaining key employees: (1) Development, (2) Remuneration, (3) Authority, (4) Social, (5) Appreciation, (6) Communication, (7) Personal and (8) Work/Life Balance



CMD Group's Solution for You

Until you ask ‘why’, retention problems will persist to continue to damage the organisation.

  • How well do you know your employees?
  • Do you know the cost of employee replacement?
  • Have you got the right people in the right roles?


Our assessment:

  • Provides Eight Key Engagement Metric Categories
  • Assesses at the Individual, Group and Organisation Levels
  • Provides Comprehensive Reports with Analysis


Invest wisely in your most valuable asset.

Contact Brenda for a no-obligation introduction meeting and find out how we can help you retain your top talent. brenda.crowley@cmdgroup.biz

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