Interview Skills Preparation (One-to-one)

Brenda provides a personalised and comprehensive guide on how to sell yourself at interview stage and make yourself stand out from the crowd. She has helped many clients with their interview preparation.

First things first, however, if you have gotten to the interview stage, then congratulations! You have been chosen from a large number of applicants and you have done really well. Now it’s time to go out there and get that job!

Are the nerves setting in and you don’t know how to prepare? What is a competency based interview? How do I answer the questions? How can I calm myself down and relax enough to prepare?

Help is at hand!

Our Interview Skills Programme will equip you with the vital skills needed to see you through a successful interview process.

The consultation consists of a One-to- One session for the duration of 1½ hours.

We will prepare you for all steps of the process before, during and after the interview.

We will also bring you through a series of sample questions and we will provide you with an easy-to-use model which will help you to prepare your answers in detail.

Preparation is key to your success!

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The interview is all about YOU – it’s your time to shine! You need to:

  1. Impress the interviewers
  2. Meet their expectations of you (already formed from your CV)
  3. Sell yourself as the best candidate
  4. Convince them that you’re the one and walk away with that job



If you are still hoping to get to interview stage but not succeeding then perhaps you need to take a look at your CV and ensure that it is completed to a professional standard which showcases you to the best of your ability.

Look at your CV and ask the ultimate question: “Would I Hire Me?” It may be worth having it reviewed. See our Professional CV Service for more information.

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