Middle Management Toolkit Development Programmes

Our middle Management Toolkit Development Programmes are designed to increase the skills, knowledge and abilities of new and current middle line managers.

Participants will:

  • Complete a 1-1 coaching session prior to commencing the programme.
  • Attend a series of workshops on a monthly basis (one day per month).
  • Complete case studies, assignments and team projects throughout the programme.
  • Deliver an overall project presentation on the final day of the programme which identifies and details the learning that          took place and how they have successfully implemented it in the workplace. Employers are invite to attend (optional).


The following is a list of modules which allow our clients to pick those which are necessary to meet their development requirements making our programme completely customisable to our client needs.

Building The Right Tool Kit for Your Management Development Programme

Our 20+ years’ experience of working with the SME sector has given us great experience and knowledge of what works and what does not.  Over that time we have developed numerous training programmes and delivered them to thousands of workers across all sectors in Ireland and the UK.  We work with our clients to determine what exactly  they want to change and we develop and tailor our programmes to achieve just that. Below you will find a list of modules from which to build your customised management development programme which will suit your in-house training requirement.  From our vast experience we know that these topics will meet the needs of businesses in today’s challenging times.

Customer Service “Inside Out”
Supervisory Skills
Leadership Development
Management Development
Project Management
Building Better Teams
Talent Management Process

HR for non  HR Professionals

Performance Management

Time Management & Delegation
Communication Techniques
Goal Setting & Prioritisation
Planning, Problem Solving & Decision Making
Coaching & Mentoring
Effective Performance Appraisals
Employee Accountability

Meeting Management

Leadership Development
Management Development

Conflict Resolution
Project Management
Train the In-house Trainer
Successful Sales & Negotiation
Organisational Change
Building Better Teams
Business Process Management

Please contact us directly with your training and development requirements and we will work with you to design a programme which will develop your management team so that they can focus on increasing productivity, reaching targets, demonstrating accountability and engaging and retaining key talent.

Development Programmes for all Individual Contributors

Building Self Esteem & Confidence
Bullying in the Workplace
Business Ethics for the Office
Communication Skills
Conflict Resolution
Diversity Awareness
Professional Presentation Skills
Employee Accountability
Personal Development Bootcamp
Call Centre Training

Hiring for Success
HR for Non Hr Manager
Problem Solving & Decision Making
Process Improvement with Gap Analysis
Public Speaking
Skills for Administrative Assistant
Stress Management
Time Management
Workplace Harassment
Writing Reports & Proposals

Contact us today and let us build a management development programme specific to your needs and your company objectives.

If you’re not sure then we can help you to troubleshoot the issues and identify the correct action plan for improved performance and growth.


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