Are You a Coach, Trainer or Consultant?

Do you enjoy working with people and helping them to develop? Are you looking for a market leading assessment to add to your portfolio?Are you passionate about changing lives, directions, strategy? Are you someone who is simply looking for a new direction in your career?


BUSINESS COACHING CLIENTS – learn how to assess your clients using our Harrison Assessment and build a coaching plan to suit them around the areas of strategy, leadership, communication, team involvement and self-awareness.


CAREER COACHING CLIENTS take your clients on a journey of self-discovery and provide them with results that align them with the careers that are best matched to their skills, abilities, preferences, interests and motivations.  Help them to follow that dream and have that career that makes it all worthwhile.


PERSONAL COACHING CLIENTS Help your clients to understand their emotions, behaviours and actions. Assist them in developing a plan for moving forward. Allow them to unravel their blocks, discover how to overcome them and empower them to move on to bigger and better things.


Our award winning Harrison Assessment is internationally renowned, with over 3 million users, and recognised for its accuracy, reliability and leading edge technology. Your clients will complete the assessment online in 20-25 minutes with all key information being compiled into a number of key reports. *Sample reports available on request.

Build your coaching/consultancy practice with the best product in the marketplace. Our unique assessment and reporting function identifies applicants, employees and business owners who are three times more likely to achieve satisfaction and results. You can be part of their growth and success.


Harrison Assessments - 3 Day Consultants Accreditation Program

At the end of this training programme participants will be qualified in the Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions system and will be in a position to facilitate a reporting function from a client development perspective. Whether a business coach, career coach, executive coach or personal coach, you will find many uses for this powerful tool and bring your business to new heights.

Areas covered include:

  • Human Traits – what are they?
  • Competencies – core and specific
  • Behavioural Competencies
  • Customising a job description for assessment
  • Running  development reports – Paradox Graph/Development for Position/Traits & Definitions/Summary & Keywords
  • How to use the system reports for Leadership
    • Leadership Competencies (emerging and senior leaders)
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Collaboration
  • Group screening and team reports
  • Creating and running a Recruitment Campaign
    • Job Success Analysis
    • Interview Guide (person specific)
    • How to Attract this candidate
    • How to Manage, develop & Retain this candidate
  • Engagement and Retention analysis
  • Career reports
  • System and Administration


Participants will receive a comprehensive manual describing all traits and reports including coverage of Paradox theory plus a basic accreditation certificate in Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions. Lunch and refreshments are included in course fee.

Whilst you will have a supportive team, based in our HQ in Ireland, who will assist and support you post certification, you will also become a member of a wider community of coaches and consultants successfully collaborating worldwide on the many uses for HATS.

You will be invited to attend the annual free conference where like-minded people come together to discuss and explore many options for development and improvement. This conference is held in a different location each year and is a great opportunity to network with fellow HATS coaches/consultants.

Explore our Assessment Further!

We’d be delighted to forward you a pack of sample reports for you to review, followed by a call to talk you through key areas and answer any questions you may have. There are many, many reports to suit whatever specialist area you are working in.

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