Employee Outplacement Programme - Giving Your Employees a Softer Landing

You have to let people go but how do you do it right?


Redundancy is never easy for anyone and brings with it a mixture of thoughts, feelings and emotions. On our outplacement programme your employees will be guided through a journey of self-discovery and improvement that will help them to identify the abundance of strengths they already have and by utilising these strengths to the maximum, we will guide them to making  positive changes which will impact their personal and professional goals

Choose a Package that Suits your Company and Budget


The Core Package must be selected as a foundation  for the Outplacement Programme. All other packages are optional / add-on’s.


As part of our Outplacement Programme participants will:

  • Have an opportunity to discuss the effect of the redundancy plan and the impact it will have on them
  • Understand the various stages of the redundancy process
  • Receive help and advice in areas such as CV preparation, job searching,  interview skills, financial advice etc.
  • Increase their self- awareness and self- management while identifying areas for change which will guarantee career success
  • Learn how to discover their strengths and challenges for moving on
  • Know how to identify the best roles for themselves
  • Establish clear goals for effective job searching


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