Talent Development Solutions that Produce Results

Today’s employers are challenged to increase performance and meet talent expectations, while at the same time maximising the return on investment in employee development.

CMD Training Institute Talent Development Solutions uniquely meet that challenge through a broad range of applications that target development needs for specific jobs, match people to the right roles, facilitate employee engagement, develop job specific competencies, accelerate leadership development and enable managers to coach and engage employees.

Programmes are supported by key profiling and analysis using the globally recognised Harrison Assessment.

The following are a list of reports that we use in conjunction with our overall employee/management development programmes:

Job Success Analysis (mapping individuals to their role requirements)
Development for Position
How to Manage, Develop, & Retain
Paradox Analysis
Work/Culture Engagement Analysis
Emerging Leaders – Competency Analysis
Emotional Intelligence – Competency Analysis


Aligning Employer & Employee Needs

Our Talent System™ maps employee talents to specific job requirements making it easy to ensure employees are in roles that leverage their talents. The organisation’s business objectives are aligned with individual employee goals, passions and expectations. By demonstrating the company’s interest in employee needs, you increase performance while at the same time engaging and retaining top talent. This results in accelerated development and increased return on investment.

Why Use Our Harrison Assessment as Part of your Development Plans?

Managers gain tools to monitor each employee’s engagement and talent development, as well as coach each employee based on their individual needs and goals.

Armed with an understanding of employee’s needs, wants, motivators and attitudes, managers can easily address behavioural gaps through dialogs that address mutual needs.

Managers are empowered with the tools to create effective employee development plans that target he employee’s greatest potential and motivation to grow.

ParadoxTechnology™ accurately determines whether a person’s behavioural tendencies are strengths or derailers in a given role-something most traditional assessments fail to do.

It also provides employers with a way to emphasise what individuals are doing right, while at the same time encourage balancing factors that will enhance performance and job satisfaction. This powerful self-knowledge improves relationships and performance.

Effective talent development facilitates strong relationships among employees, managers, coaches and teams.

Harrison provides employers the comprehensive intelligence and data necessary to build these relationships, resulting in accelerated employee development, and increased employee engagement and retention.