Workplace Mediation - Alternative Dispute Resolution


Workplace Mediation is a method of alternative dispute resolution which begins with the assumption that both parties are ready to try and resolve their issues. It gives them an opportunity to resolve their conflict in an informal manner. Involving a neutral third party (mediator) they will take part in private and joint meetings in order to find a mutually acceptable and appropriate resolution.

As Mediators, we will create an environment which encourages dialogue between the parties to the dispute and allows each party to have their say and be heard. The final outcome of mediation is agreed by the parties, not the mediator.

Disputes in the workplace can bring an atmosphere of hostile relationships, ongoing and escalating conflict, breakdown in communications, lowered productivity and the loss of effective employees.

Litigation Vs Mediation

Litigation is time-consuming, expensive and stressful for all involved.

Mediation is cost effective, conducted in a timely manner and achieves the most satisfactory outcome for improved working relationships.

Why is Mediation so Effective in the Workplace?

  1. Mediation is confidential – individuals get to air and resolve their differences without the entire company knowing.
  2. An external Mediator is unconnected to the situation and therefore their neutrality and impartiality is guaranteed.
  3. Mediation gives individuals a safe, neutral setting to air their grievances.
  4. Mediation can deal with a workplace dispute without involving other employees or management.
  5. All too often workplace disputes can escalate to formal procedures, Mediation can intervene before things go too far.
  6. Mediation assist the individuals to communicate more effectively and sets the standard for future conduct.
  7. Mediation allows each individual the dignity of being listened to.
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